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Yes! We can.

Yes we can. We can recover our lives. We can be the people our ancestors wanted us to be. Like Marcus Garvey, we believe that it is possible for Africans at home and a broad to once again be whole. Yes we can.

What does it mean to be whole again? What is our vision of victory? After we have laid down our shields and spears and banished the enemy, what does community, society, pan-African places to be look like? If we were not fighting racism, protesting again our oppression, how would we shape the world in our image? Garvey knew our history and therefore understood our potential. We were once great he said and we can be great again. Yes, we can. When we are a full people, you are a full human being.

What will it take? What will it cost? Can we still stand up even though so much has been lost? It is not enough to teach our history, it is not enough to recall the deeds from the pages of time; it is not the preaching or the remembering that counts, it is the practicing. The vision of victory has to be built upon it. That knowledge, those deeds have to be the foundation upon which the people stand. What will it take? What will it cost? What sacrifice do we need to make?

After a windstorm, is it possible to gather the leaves that were blown? Yes, we can.


Garvey 12, 502 otd.