African Cultural Calendar - Goals

Our Goal

Keep Our History in Living Memory

Ghana 27, 506 otd

The African Cultural Calendar is about us. There are several benefits to having time in our image. The benefits of the African Cultural Calendar are:

  • — It takes our greatest from the pages of time and makes it a part of our daily lives.
  • — It honours our long history from the Nile valley to the Quilombos; it celebrates our history and cultures.
  • — It makes every month an African history month
  • — It celebrates our struggle and ensures that we never forget some of the great leaders who rose up to lead the way.
  • — It is time in our image; no matter where in the diaspora you are, the African Cultural Calendar puts you at the centre of time.
  • — African Cultural Calendar brings our history and cultures, our struggles and triumphs into living memory.

AfriCalendar’s Goal:

To make the African Cultural Calendar a part of our daily lives, so that we can always find our place in time and understand what we have been and what we can be again.

AfriCalendar’s Business Philosophy:

Support the African Cultural Calendar by purchasing a calendar. AfriCalendar is a wholly Black business enterprise. See AfriCalendar's business philosophy here: click here