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AfriCalendar's Business Philosophy

Dear Brother/Sister:

Thank you for supporting the African Cultural Calendar. Our goal is to make the africalendar a part of daily life throughout the diaspora. The African Cultural Calendar is published by AfriCalendar Publications Company Inc., a wholly own Black enterprise. However, we are aware that small Black owned enterprises such as AfriCalendar could inadvertently transfer economic value from Black communities to non-black communities. As a result, we have an economic goal of creating a value chain that is 100% Black. We are cognizance that the African Cultural Calendar can only become a viable going concern through Black purchases and support. The price paid for the africalendar is distributed along the value chain. Our goal is to minimize the amount of value that flows to services and organizations outside of the Black communities.

Currently 55% of purchase price accrues to the Black community. The remaining value (45%), consisting of printing, advertising and online services, flows to organizations that AfriCalendar defined as non-black. Our focus is to reduce this transfer of value by moving these services in house or by finding a third party provider in the Black community. Achieving this goal would increase the amount of value retained by the Black community.

AfriCalendar Publications is also laying the foundation for a future “Sponsor and Scholarship Fund”. We intend to build the fund with every transaction. One dollar from every sale will be set aside for the Sponsor and Scholarship Fund. With your purchase, one dollar has been contributed to the fund. In the future, this contribution will be used to support the education of someone in our community or to help sponsor a cultural event. We wanted to share our business philosophy, so you may understand how your support of the African Cultural Calendar also supports the broader African community.

We are excited about the potential to grow and develop the African Cultural Calendar; to contribute to the rebuilding of our culture after the long disruption that we have experienced.

AfriCalendar Publications Company Inc.