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Amazing Grace: An Amazing Dilemma


Amazing grace how sweet … at this point in hearing that song I always have the same thought: singing this song is sending praises to a devil. I believe that’s true. I believe that the man who wrote that song was the very definition of the devil. When Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X told us that the white man is the devil, it must have been that white man who led them to that conclusion.

Beacons of the Way


There have been many people who have fought for us and pointed to the direction that we should follow to be a whole people again, but not everyone could have time in his or her image. Even though, we cannot measure time in all of their images, they must never be forgotten. The Africalendar calls these people “Beacons of the Way.”

What Makes You One of Us?


There was a time when one drop of black blood made you one of us. The reason it made you one of us had nothing to do with black blood. That rule was not developed because black blood is so powerful that it turned everyone it touches into one of us. We did not put that rule in place.

Things Only Oppressed People Say


This is a series based on quotes from our people. These quote are things that only oppressed people would say.