African Heroes || Beacons of the Way

Beacons of the Way

Their light indicates the way

Ghana 27, 506 otd

There have been many people who have fought for us and pointed to the direction that we should follow to be a whole people again, but not everyone could have time in his or her image. There aren’t enough afrimonths in the African Cultural Calendar to give an afrimonth to everyone who dedicated his or her live to our struggle. Our struggle has been long and hard, and we are not yet whole. Over the past 506 otd afriyears since the diaspora began, there have been many ancestors who stood up, fought and passed on, leaving their lights shining through the actions they had taken and the words they had spoken. Even though, we cannot measure time in all of their images, they must never be forgotten. The Africalendar calls these people “Beacons of the Way” because their lights lined the path to our victory. Their lights shine the brightest the closer we get to being a whole people again.