Months - Afrimonths Ghana and Mali


Months in the African Cultural Calendar

Ghana 27, 506 otd
Afrimonth: Ghana


April 30 to May 29

The afrimonth Ghana recalls the empire of the same name from the west coast of the continent. The empire of Ghana existed for over 1200 years. It extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the west bank of the Niger River and south from the Sahara.

Afrimonth: Mali


May 30 to June 28

After Ghana comes Mali in the africalendar, in the same way that Mali rose after Ghana had shown the way. Mali is the second of the great empires in West Africa. Its boundaries stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to Gao on the east side of the Niger River and south from the Sahara to the tropical forest. This was the country of Mansa Musa. Mali was known internationally and maintained commercial and diplomatic ties with foreigners.