Months - Afrimonths Kemet and Nubia


Months in the African Cultural Calendar

Ghana 27, 506 otd
Afrimonth Kemet


January 2 to January 31

The africalendar starts from almost at the beginning of the people’s history. The first month in the afriyear is Kemet. The word Kemet means black. It is the name that Africans in ancient Egypt called themselves and their country. Egypt has been called “the light of the world” and Kemet is the light that starts the year. The history of Kemet is the history of civilization and it is an achievement of the people. Our history cannot properly be written without starting with Kemet. Our people from the Ashantis to the Zulus place their origin in the Nile valley, where Kemet flourished. Kemet reflects the beginning and that is the reason that the africalendar begins each year with the month Kemet.

Afrimonth: Nubia


February 1 to February 28/29

Nubia is the second month in the African cultural calendar. It is similar to February, in that it has 28 days or 29 days in a leap year. Nubia is one of the great civilizations that form the foundation of the people. It was located south of Kemet but it preceded and may have even given birth to Egypt. Nubia and Egypt shared many similarities. Egypt adopted symbols of royalty similar to those of Nubia.