Months - Afrimonths Meroe and Axum


Months in the African Cultural Calendar

Kemet 28, 506 otd
Afrimonth: Meroe


March 1 to March 30

Meroe rose to prominence after Nubia. It was a capital city of the well known empire of Cush. It was located along the Nile valley, close to modern day Sudan. It shared similarities with Nubia and Egypt including writing styles.

Afrimonth: Axum


March 31 to April 29

The afrimonth Axum got its name from the society that existed on the east coast of Africa. Axum is an old civilization that predates biblical times. This highly developed society existed for thousand of years and became known to the outside world as a Christian society. This was the home of Queen Sheba mentioned in the bible. Axum is still alive today. The Ethiopia we know today is a part of Axum, Queen of Sheba’s empire.