Months - Afrimonths Songhai and Nzinga


Months in the African Cultural Calendar

Ghana 27, 506 otd
Afrimonth: Songhai


June 29 to July 28

The afrimonth Songhai and all of the months before it are from the "before the diaspora" (btd) period. They are apart of the foundation of Africans everywhere. Songhai was the last of our great empires on the continent before the year of the push and pull. Songhai rose after Mali and extended further east to include parts of Chad and northward into the Sahara. The renowned centre of learning, Timbuktu was one of Songhai's well known cities.

Afrimonth: Nzinga


July 29 to August 27

Afrimonth Nzinga recalled one of Africa’s greatest daughters, Queen Nzinga, the unconquerable. Nzinga was queen of Ndongo and Matamba in modern day Angola. She waged a long fight against the slave trade and the invading colonizers and their religion. Her fight for freedom and independence exemplifies the struggle of the people since the year of the push and pull.