Months - Afrimonths Yaa and Garvey


Months in the African Cultural Calendar

Ghana 27, 506 otd
Afrimonth: Yaa


October 27 to November 25

The afrimonth Yaa is named in honour of a truly outstanding Queen Mother. Nana Yaa Asentewaa was Queen Mother of the Ashanti in what is now Ghana. When Yaa was born around 334 otd, the war against the oppression of the colonizers was already fifty years old. After a hundred years of struggle, when all seemed lost, their power broken and their king exiled, Yaa stood up, she refused to break and she refused to go quietly. On Nubia 27, 384 otd, Yaa renewed the battle against oppression. She laid siege to the enemy's fort and fought for the people’s freedom. She joined the ancestors in 403 otd but Yaa should never be forgotten and that is reason we mark time with her name.

Afrimonth: Garvey


November 26 to December 25

Marcus Mosiah Garvey earned a place in the africalendar for being one of our greatest leaders since the "year of the push and pull". Garvey’s message to Africans at home and broad is that we were once great and we can be great again. Yes, we can! Marcus Garvey is our only leader who believed that it is possible for Africans to be whole again. Garvey was born in Jamaica on 20th Nzinga, 371 otd; Garvey gave the people’s struggle to renew their lives, its clearest and loudest expression. Garvey’s message to the people is as clear as black is beautiful. He is honoured in the African cultural calendar for his vision, leadership and courage.